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Monkey Hospital

Special thanks:

  • Gibbon Rehabilitation Project (GRP) : Phuket
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    Gibbon Rehabilitation Project (GRP) : Phuket , the GRP is located on Phuket an island off the south coast of Thailand; it currently houses over seventy gibbons. The aim of this project is the rehabilitation of gibbons back to their natural habitat additionally providing ongoing care to those unsuitable for repatriation.

  • Wild Animal Rescue and Education Centre (WARED)
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    Wild Animal Rescue and Education Centre (WARED) : Ranong, In a vast area of virgin mountainous rain forest near Baan Talae Nork, just 80 kms south of Ranong city, houses WAR's newest and most ambitious project. Volunteers as well as our full time staff run the sanctuary on a day to day basis, linking with the GRP at Phuket which is just 2 hours away.

  • Sea Turtle and Dugong Conservation Project
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    Sea Turtle and Dugong Conservation Project : Ranong, our Sea Turtle and Dugong Conservation Project at Baan Talae Nork, along the Andaman coastline, in Ranong Province, is being established to work towards the conservation and rehabilitation of Andaman sea turtle and Dugong populations in southern Thailand.

  • The Wild Animal Rescue Centre Lopuri
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    The Wild Animal Rescue Center Lopburi takes in wild animals, many of which arrive in appalling conditions, confiscated from the illegal pet and animal trade. Our primary goal is to provide shelter for the animals so that the authorities have a place to take confiscated pets and victims of the trade. We hope to enlighten the lives of these animals by providing them with a secure and caring environment.  

  • Forest Fire Protection Project, Chiang Mai
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    Forest Fire Protection Project, Chiang Mai : WARF's newst project is up and running, in association with The Forest Fire Control Division. NOK Flying Club pilots and members are invited to participate in reporting outbreaks of forest fires in Chiangmai and Lamphun Provinces. This information should be passed to the Forest Fire Control Division (DNP) in Chiangmai - Hotline 1362 - who will take appropriate action.

  • Wildlife habitat Project, Chiang Mai
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    Wildlife habitat Project, Chiang Mai :Together with support of NOK Flying Club and the Royal Thai Forestry Department, the Wild Animal Rescue Foundation of Thailand (WAR) are setting up a joint venture in Northern Thailand to undertake an assisted aerial natural forest regeneration project. The Kingdom of Thailand recognizes that sustainable development is not possible without sustainable forest management (SFM). Therefore, the kingdom attaches great importance to forests that are sustainably managed, with due care to the environment while providing economic, cultural, spiritual and social benefits to society.

  • Slow Loris Project, Ranong
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    Slow Loris Project, Ranong : Due to illegal pet trade, medical misuse and habitat destruction, the status of the slow loris is likely to be moved up to a more protective level on the list of endangered species. Therefore, the Wild Animal Rescue Foundation of Thailand (WARF) is eager to launch a new project to protect and rehabilitate these lovely primates.

  • Monkey Feeding Project, Lopburi
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    Monkey Feeding Project, Lopburi : WARF has set up a program to provide food provisions to the macaques, called the "Monkey Feeding Project ". Everyday WARF employees prepare food and bring it to the location at the same time, between 10.00 and 14.00. The objective in doing this is to teach the monkeys when and where to expect food everyday, and to try and minimize the negative effects they have on the community by providing adequate food for the population.

  • Andaman Coastline Monitoring
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    Andaman Coastline Monitoring: study of Distribution, Ecology and Population of Endangered Marine Animals and Sea Grasses using Aerial Surveys : Over the last few years it has become increasingly evident that many sea creatures around the Andaman Coastline are under threat due to loss of habitat from environmental damage (2004 Tsunami, global warming, monsoons), marine activity by the tourist, fishing and fossil-fuel mining industries and poaching. It is clear that unless urgent action is undertaken to protect these creatures, including dugong, sea turtles, dolphins and whales, they may disappear from the Andaman coastline forever.

  • Developing Volunteer Efficiency
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    The Developing Volunteer Efficiency and Expanding of the Volunteer Network Program (W.A.R. Volunteer) this year, was held at Doi Suthep-Pui National Park in Chiang Mai. The second training session for wildlife conservation volunteers was again funded by the UPS Foundation Global Grants Program for the second year.

  • Rescued and Released
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  • Gibbon Rehabilitation Project Chiangmai (GRPC)
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    According to the out of spaced reintroduction site in Phuket, Bambamís family is the first group of gibbons which will be released in Chiang Mai, North of Thailand. The lively family had been migrated into the North and has been yielded training sessions by staffs both from Phuket and Chiang Mai.

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